Crying over Crysis?

November 17, 2007

Like most gamers, I’ve been waiting for Crysis for some time now. Early reports showed stunning graphics and spoke of deep gameplay, and rich AI. Finally, after a lot of hype and videos, it’s here. Of course, not everyone is happy.


Despite much hoohah about how scalable Crysis is towards older systems, there seems to be a couple of vocal groups in the various forums who just aren’t satisfied. The first of these two groups consist of guys with super computers trying to run it a ‘very high’ settings and ultra high-def resolutions. “I just bought a new double quad core 1000gb system with 18 linked BFG 8800 Ultra’s for this game and it runs like crap! I want a refund!”. Cry, cry, cry. To these people I say this, why not put that super computer of yours to better use and try running the game a decent, yet very attractive resolution such as 1680×1050 and turn the graphics “down” from ‘very high’ to the still pretty spectacular ‘high’. There’s no shame in that you know, and you might actually get to play it at 30fps. It’s quite fun from what I understand, and it looks absolutely terrific.

The other group who seem to be complaining are the poor sods with 5 year old systems and overly high expectations. You know the sort, the fellows with the PentiumII with 512mb of RAM and an ATI 9600Pro. Yes people, this game is very scalable but there are limits to that and you really can’t expect to play games these days with ancient systems. Well, you can expect it but you’re going to be disappointed.

So far I’ve been playing the demo on a P4 2.8ghz system with 1.5gb ram and an nVidia 7600GS. Not a super system by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s new enough that Crysis is very playable. My 21in widescreens native res is 1680×1050 but 1280×720 always looks nice and crisp on it and at that res, with physics and water detail set to high, and the rest at a mix of medium or low I’m getting very smooth frame rates. Yes, two of the low settings happen to be textures and shaders which take away almost all of the photo-realism this game is so well known for but hey, I get to play it and it’s fun. I guess the point of this is, tune your settings to your machine and try to enjoy the game rather than whacking everything up to max and then bitching. Also, if you’ve got an ancient rig, save some cash for an upgrade before spending too much time complaining about what very impressive game at any graphics setting.

I’ve got a quad-core Q6600 with 2gb, dual 10k Raptors and two 8800GT OC2 running in SLI coming next week. Super computer? Maybe, but it’s going to run Crysis (and everything else) a lot better than my current rig and you won’t hear a peep of complaint out of me about it.



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