Crysis and the coming let down

November 26, 2007

I’m still playing Crysis, which is a huge comment in it’s favor as I tire of most games very quickly. I think it’s the sheer beauty of the game on my new rig more than anything else, but regardless I’m still at it. The jungle fights are great, battling those pesky Koreans but sadly I suspect my enjoyment may be coming to an end. Yes, it’s because of the aliens.


I’m still mostly alien-free in the game. I’ve seen glimpses here and there but generally it’s just me and the Koreans in the jungle and that’s the way I like it. I don’t want aliens, I don’t want giant mutant monkey-things ala FarCry, I don’t want zombies or undead monsters from the deep. Sue me if it’s politically incorrect, but I just want to shoot Koreans… well… people. Wow, that sounds bad.

The point is, I like the realism aspect to Crysis. The graphics, the physics and for the most part the AI are all great but when the aliens start appearing (as they’re sure to do soon) I fear my level of immersion in this game may fade away. It did with FarCry as soon as those damned apes started showing up.

That’s something Call of Duty 4 has going for it, no sci-fi/horror weirdness. Just people shooting at other people, as God intended.



  1. I personaly think CoD is overrated

  2. […] enough, I didn’t even mind the alien parts but I’ll write about that […]

  3. I feel the same way, I stopped playing Far Cry, Half Life, etc because of the annoying alien things. They freak me out and are annyoing 😀

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