Best online co-op experience… Swat4

November 29, 2007

More games need online cooperative play. Yes it’s fun to shoot your buddies in the head now and again in CS:S, and it’s equally fun to destroy the digital aspirations of AI bad guys in CoD4 single player… but what’s more fun is combining the two. Play with your buddies, and kill the AI bad guys. That’s ace and the best game for it? Swat4. Hands down.


Swat4 is an older title by a couple of years now, but it’s holding up remarkably well. With a current machine it’s not hard to crank the graphics up full at a resolution of 1680+ and it looks pretty spiffy all things considered. It’s not Crysis, but that’s ok. It’s got co-op. oh and tasers.

There’s something to be said for getting on Teamspeak (or a VoiP of your choice) and donning your Swat gear to go bust some arms dealers together. I do this fairly frequently with a friend of mine and have been for almost a year now, it’s still not gotten old. Sometimes we take it less seriously than others, and we’ll mix it up now and then by playing pistol only maps, or the odd “Rambo” map where it’s a matter of killing all the bad guys as fast as possible. More often than not though it’s standard Swat play. Casing a situation, readying up by the door… breach, flash bang then clear. Swat 4 offers up countless gobs of replayability to the point that the same map played twice in a row will often give a different experience. Maybe the bad guy at the door will give up this time? Maybe he’ll give up then snatch his gun up off the ground as you are about to cuff him? Maybe he’ll have a hostage? Maybe he won’t even be there this time. It’s always nice and random like that, which keeps it fresh and interesting.

Add to all that the community map packs and mods available at sites like hot-swat-mods.com for instance and I really don’t see an end to playing this title. If you have at least one friend (online or otherwise) and are looking for a good game to play co-op, give Swat4 some careful consideration.

Oh yes, and as mentioned above the game does have tasers, although I’ve yet to hear an AI bad guy yell “don’t tase me, bro!” as I stick him with it. Repeatedly.

Maybe someone can make a mod for that.



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