Revisiting Bioshock

November 30, 2007

I picked up Bioshock back on release day, not because I’d been swept up in all the hype (and there was a LOT of hype) but more because I was curious what all the hype was about. The game didn’t disappoint in that it seemed to provide what was hyped, but the problem was I’m not much into what is so lovingly offered up.


Don’t get me wrong I love a game with solid atmosphere, a rich backstory, well fleshed out environments, striking characters and original storyline. Bioshock has all of these things in spades. What I don’t like, is horror games… or movies for that matter. There’s enough scary crap in life as it is if you pay attention to it, and personally I’ve never found sitting down to willfully scare myself very much fun. That said, I’m sure Bioshock isn’t terribly scary at all to the desensitized gamers out there half my age, but to me it’s tense and… well… scary in that horror film sort of way and I don’t dig that. I realized I wasn’t going to like the game much as soon as I saw my first monster type thing, through the porthole of an elevator early in the game. I was trapped inside and this creepy looking, zombie thing you couldn’t quite see was outside trying to get in. The sense of claustrophobia was great for what it was, and from that moment on I realized what sort of game this was going to be. Very well done, but not my bag at all and I stopped playing after a few sessions.
Still, that was a couple of months ago on my old system. Now that I have a nice shiny new supercomputer I’m considering revisiting the title. Not because I think it will be any different in the sense of atmosphere with the graphics maxed out (I had to play it on medium settings and low res the first time) but because from what I’ve seen and heard the game really is beautifully built. So, I may be reinstalling and revisiting the undersea city of Rapture in the next few days.

Hopefully I’ll overcome my inherent dislike of the horror genre so I can fully appreciate what the game has to offer. If that doesn’t work out I’ll go back to killing Koreans in Crysis for a bit. At least I’m not feeling claustrophobic while running around in the jungle.



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  2. Same here. I haven’t bought the game yet (although i have bought and finsihed CoD4 and Crysis) because although the reviews were saying it was great it seemd a bit wierd and creepy in a sence. I wouldn’t like to play a game that would “bring me nightmares” in a sence. Perhaps in the future if i find it at a budget version i may try it sometime.

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