The end of Crysis

December 3, 2007

The actual ending to the game I mean, and no don’t worry no spoilers here.


I finished it last night, and honestly I was a bit underwhelmed. For one thing the game was a lot shorter than I had expected and for another, the ending just wasn’t all that satisfying somehow. Imagine someone takes you on a beautiful drive through the countryside during which you cruise through gorgeous countryside, see wondrous sights, and stop at fun interesting places… only when you arrive do you find out this wonderful trips destination was your mother-in-law’s house. The end of Crysis gave me a similar feeling.

Maybe I was just expecting more, but without giving anything away there really wasn’t anything happening at the end that came as a surprise. I think it could have used a twist or something, instead of what I consider a rather predictable wind up. It was better than the ending of Half-Life 2 mind you so I shouldn’t be too hard on it. I guess just like in the rest of life, the journey is often more important than the destination anyway. I’ll try to keep that in mind the next time I end up at my mother-in-law’s house. <Insert shudder here>

Crysis was a pretty spectacular gaming experience, so a sort of run of the mill ending can be forgiven. I’ll likely play it through again just for the sake of enjoying the environments all over again. A good co-op mod would do wonders for the replayability.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t even mind the alien parts but I’ll write about that later.



  1. Very true…a good co-op would make the game that much more interesting.

    I also enjoyed your comparison between Crysis and COD4…dead on! COD4 was simply an amazing ‘experience’…and the multiplayer is a trip.

  2. well to be completely honest, just as i was supposed to go back to the island to catch up with the other dude who cained it back to the island, forgot his name already… I thought yes another chance to kik sum alien azz, OH but no it’s the end of the game
    how could E.A n Crytek do this thats not even an endind… Im telling ya peeps do movies end like this!!!!!! I only took out an assault ship the mothership was still on the island protecting itself, come on movies n games dont end like that.. either there planning an addon or a second part that will cost a bomb to pay for again. I played the single player part for 6 hrs and thats it, it was finished, OMG not even an istant action mode for single player online play is the most (^&*%$&*% i.ve ever seen, it’s all CQC, or CQB wateva. and wheres the sniper rifle there aint even a choice of weapons to start with in multiplayer, it’s all pay for this pay for that, earn money for kill’s sounds more like a unreal tournament winner takes all kinda fing… LOL War of the Worlds RIP OFF LOL

  3. I agree with the others. The ending was disapointing. I would hope to be able to return to the island to deal with the rest of the aliens once and for all not so much because i liked them but because that way it would ensure me that i won;t see the blasted aliens in a future expansion or into the next Crysis.

    I mean if the next Crysis is going to have these freakign aliens i definetly am not going to buy it because in all honesty i hated the aliens both in design and in way of interacting with them. I also hated the alien maze in the mountain. All in all i hated the aliens and i hope this is the last time i see them.But this kind of ending tells me they will be using them again 😦

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