As the little blurb says, I’m 38 years old and have been playing computer games since there have been computer games. That pretty much sums it up.

I can’t remember what my very first computer game was, but unless your “old” like me you wouldn’t remember it anyway. We’re talking the TI-994a computer here kids, my first “rig” and it was a blast. It came with cartridges that had games on ’em like Parsec and Blasto. I loved those games, and when you got sick of them your friends could bring over cassette tapes (!) with more games. These were titles nabbed off of floppy disks passed around junior high, or home made games written in TI-Basic, or if you were lucky… TI-Extended Basic. mmmm extended basic.

I went from the TI to a 386 and a monochrome monitor, which was a huge step up considering my TI99 plugged into my television set. After that the upgrades started and it was all downhill from there. Hello social life, oh… goodbye social life, that was over fast. Hey look a 256 color monitor!! TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX? Holy crap that’s even better than sex.

Yeah, I know it’s sad but that’s just the way I rolled.

Anyway, it’s now like 25 years later and I’m still at it as much as ever, although my monitor has picked up an additional 15,999,744 colors along the way. Somehow in the mix I’ve managed to find a wife and have two kids (both boys) and things have worked out pretty well.

PC gaming has changed a hell of a lot over the years, and I’ve been playing along through it all for better or worse. Hell, I’d probably play more if I could get my kids to get off the computer and go outside now and then. I guess they take after their Dad.

I hope you enjoy the blog, whatever it turns out to be.

– Adam



  1. 🙂

  2. Hi Adam,

    So is your name really Adam Baum? Mine is. Guess what? I’m also 38yrs old. Talk about odd coincidences….

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