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9.3 million donkeys

November 18, 2007 reports that the over-popular MMP title World of Warcraft has just hit 9.3 million active subscribers. In my book, that’s 9.3mil donkeys because if there’s ever been an effective carrot and stick title it’s WoW.


I played WoW for awhile back just after release and while it was entertaining, it wasn’t that entertaining. At the time I recall saying it offered little or nothing I couldn’t get in a single player Neverwinter Nights module, and for the way I played I still stand by that. Sure it’s “massively multiplayer” (I hate that label) but from my point of view it wasn’t much more than a lot of people playing the same single player game off of the same server. I thought I was alone in this feeling, but I’ve heard it said elsewhere as well. Yes, I tried more interaction with those around me, but for the most part I was alone in a group of people just like everyone else.

So, congrats WoW, you’ve got 9.3 million people playing the same single player game… online.