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Gametrailers Crysis Review

December 4, 2007 put up a good Crysis review, in both crappy regular res and superduper high def. **

Can’t argue with any of what they said really, short of the comment about the game not running well “even on the beefiest of machines”. Runs perfectly fine here (30+ fps) at 1680×1050, max settings plus the “very high” tweak for DirectX9.

As I’ve said elsewhere on the internet, although I enjoyed Crysis I find I’m enjoying CoD4 a bit more. That surprises me as I think I bought into some of the Crysis hype and hadn’t been following CoD4 at all. I think I’ll write up a good indepth comparison of the two in the near future.

**note to self… sort out how to embed gametrailer vids on the blog